Have a great day!

Our choices and actions can have a huge impact on those around us as well as the rest of the World. We are all connected but there are times when we feel the connection has become intermittent or totally lost altogether; a bit like when we lose the signal on our wi-fi and are unable to ring someone.  Sometimes, more often than not we forget that we are a part of something bigger. There are many times when we feel isolated and alone, as though nobody  really cares about us or even knows that we exist. Goodness knows there are many times when I have felt that I must be wearing Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility. Quite recently I deleted permanently my Facebook account for this very reason! In my mind at the time, I felt , what is all this virtual relationship stuff anyway? I truly felt like nobody cared about me! And so, I pressed the delete key and made it final or at least that is what I thought! I was truly feeling sorry for myself  and forgetting just what a wonderful world we live in.   We are all of us  valuable in the grand scheme of things whatever that may be. We do have something to offer, and it does not matter whether it is some grand gesture or just a small token gesture. We have it within us to make someones day; a smile here and there or maybe just even a ‘hello’ or maybe just a thank you to someone who has brought our bins in or maybe even mowed our grass. A couple of days ago as I was walking down the high street to have breakfast in one of our favourite cafes, a guy ran past us smiling, and as he passed us he wished us a great day and then said  make someone smile today’. I thought that was wonderful! He actually made my day! My husband was a little more cynical and said that maybe this guy had won the lottery. And of course, just maybe that was true but I like to think that he was genuinely wishing us a great day! 

© Liola Lee 2018