slumbering in earthen graves

some known others not

flesh on bones left to rot

faceless now lost in caves

laying long in dirty trenches

waiting for death to come

bloodied rows crowded tomb

rotting flesh smells and stenches

immobile bodies lay so still

crimson sticky puddles stick

open wounds carrion lick

‘til rats and birds have had their fill

no romance in bloody wars

boys and men go to die

for what? perhaps just lies

just some so-called cause

sleep now hush now darling

little boys one and all

lay you down and gently fall

asleep with Jesus calling

© Liola Lee 2007

I wrote this poem in 2007 to remember all those service men and women who fought in all wars. The imagery in the poem is more in reference to The Great War and the trenches. Please know The image here is of my beautiful Dad who signed up for the RAF at the age of 18. He and many like him served their Sovereign and Country in World War II to keep us free…I blended the image with a field of Poppies to create a dramatic effect. I had hoped to post this on Armistice/Remembrance day but life got in the way. So here it is now…


Today is the day ~ Truth and Integrity

Today is the day ~ Truth and Integrity

Today is the day that I have decided to focus on truth and integrity. Perhaps it was not really my decision but it is what my Angel cards have said, and it seems to me to be pretty good advice. Also, it ties in with my daily secret teachings. I receive these every day. What are they you may wonder? Well, they are little messages sent to me by my request, which help me practice the Law of Attraction. This morning the message I received said I should follow my own heart, and live my own bliss and let other people follow theirs. It also said I should look for the good in everyone which I do try to do​ on most days but sometimes I have to be honest, and admit that I slip up on this one, on occasion, and then I remember that the Law of Attraction says that we attract back whatever we send out into the Universe, and as I believe in this law, I have to readjust my thinking at times, lots of times actually. I have put this law into practice, and it really works but just sometimes I falter, and then things go horribly wrong. I shall have to work harder on this I know but I am in essence a human being, and programmed to make errors. Getting back to truth and integrity, I shall today try to let go of anything that is not working for me and give it up to the Universe and say, “here you are…you have it because I sure as hell don’t want it”. I said that all wrong because the Universe apparently does not hear the ‘don’t’ and will hear the ‘want’ and all those things I do not want will boomerang right back to me. So I shall have to be more specific in my choice of words, as words have power as does the power of thought. I remember I am meant to say what I want not what I do not want. Apparently if I do this I shall make way for a miracle, and trust me miracles do happen.

© Liola Lee 2010

‘Today is the day’ …was a collection of musings I wrote during the Peri menopause years. It’s spoken in the first person, and was based largely on my journal entries written around that time. Journalling is a wonderful way to express this, that and whatever else needs to be said whether aloud or silently…