Always lost, and all alone,

in a shadow world, of your own:

Demons douse you with despair,

make you manic, lose all care.

Tortured, tied, in a twilight zone,

no Samaritans, for you to phone.

Hateful Havoc, heinous Hell,

your soul sedated, no soul to sell.

Sadness, sorrow, unsafe solitude,

self-starvation,  no thought of food.

Waging war within those walls,

caged canary, in miners halls.

Dreams desert you, nightmares reign,

once, where trust lay, now is feign.

The tower’s fallen, a hermit state;

why this path? Why this fate?

© Liola Lee 2007

This was written when someone close to me was going through dark times, though it could apply to anyone at such times. I am pleased to say though, that he found his way and turned his life around, and all is well…




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