Story time…

“…then I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house in”, bellowed the big bad wolf in the most ferocious, and gruffest of  voices that he could muster. This, he did to the first, the second, and the third little pig. Such is the stuff and nonsense that fills children’s fairytales some may say, but not I and maybe not you either. Most of the tales, stories and fables we heard as children, and in our turn tell to our own children have an important message rooted somewhere within. Something that needs to be said but in a way that young minds can relate to. Oftentimes (now there’s quite an old fashioned word), the message is crystal clear quite early on, and near the beginning even.  At others it is for the reader to discover as the story unfolds word by word, page by page, picture by picture.  Stories are repeated over and over again, and possibly, and most likely become ingrained in the young subconscious mind, a seed waiting to grow and realise the lesson when the lesson needs to be learnt somewhere along the line that is life. Let’s face it, most children love being read to! Many Mums and Dads, and children of all ages get to  share a special time, with storybook characters who may be good, bad, beautiful, ugly and changeable.  Story time is a time for make believe, play and characterisation. There’s many a parent out there who puts on their best funny, happy, angry, sad voice. I know I did, and my husband too. Our children loved all the verbal playacting and if we did the voices differently as happened on occasion, the little cherubs  would say “no, not like that, like this” as they piped in with how you had said it last time.  It’s part of the fun!  Part of the ritual.

So where was I? Oh yes, I was talking about the inherent lesson that lurks within, between and beneath the lines. In the aforementioned tale of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ which was accredited to James Orchard Halliwell (later Halliwell-Phillips) the lesson is about how hard work pays off, and how by working hard, putting in the time and effort and  building strong foundations, you can achieve a safe and secure world for yourself where you can ‘keep the wolf from the door’ as it were. Of course it is a good lesson, and there is much to be said for working hard, and reaping the rewards of ones efforts, and the idea of a sound structure speaks for itself. However, you have to remember that this story was supposedly written in the mid 1800s, therefore Victorian times. People, or at least the working masses did have to work hard in those times to literally put bread on the table.  If you did not work hard, you may starve. So in this particular story the message is clear. That said, I think if the story had been written today, there may have been another angle that said that yes, it’s good to work hard but that play is just as important. I think today the onus would be on striving for and achieving balance. We all want to avoid the clutches of the big bad scary wolf which may appear in many guises but all work and no play pushes us too far near the edge, and if we are not careful we may trip over and fall into a quagmire.

Another thing that springs to my mind regarding the ‘fantasy’ of fairytales, and may be food for thought is how much a story can change through the telling as it is passed down from one generation to another. In one version of the above, the antagonist is a cunning fox rather than a big bad wolf. There is, it seems a version too where the three little pigs have names, and individual personality traits but that is another story. Where the changes in stories take place is often not known, and is lost somewhere in the telling. My point is that stories whether fairytale, fiction or reality should be told. We are the storytellers, and it is for us to ensure that those who follow in our footsteps know the stories so that they too can pass them down when it is their time to tell. So perhaps today or tonight put down that extension of your arm that is your mobile phone, pick up a storybook and share it with young ears.

In years to come you will be glad that you did!

© Liola Lee 2019

I captured the image of wolves shown here at Longleat Safari Park earlier this month.


1I7A2647a-1-1Sometimes like many people, I feel that there is something missing. A void exists, and I am not sure how to fill it. That is how I have felt up until now.  It is said that everything that we have ever done in life, gets us to this exact point where we are at right now. Many self help books adhere to the premise that the point of power is now.  They are right, we never really have any other moment than that which is now, this moment, this precise moment; the present.

Today I have realised that I have this body that has carried me through life, this mind that is always curious and wanting to learn more in the quest for knowledge, and my spirit which is sometimes low but often elated because of one thing or another that has brightened my day. Whether that be the sound of a loved ones laughter, the Robin Redbreast alighting on the plant pot outside the door, the elderflower tree which just now is in flower, not to mention the mighty Lime Flower Tree which stands higher than the house in our minuscule back garden (which in truth is actually a small plot of dirt because of two boisterous, though loveable dogs). In these simple things there is beauty and peace. There is the wonder of life.

It is up to me how I choose to fill my vessel. I can choose to nourish or to damage that which carries me on my voyage. I get to choose how I ‘feed’ myself.

Let the journey recommence. Bon voyage!

Today is the day…

© Liola Lee 2019

Butterflies symbolise change and transformation!  Time to come out of the darkness of the  cocoon and emerge free as a Butterfly

Moon Magic…

Saturday saw a Full Blue Moon here in the UK. The Flower Moon, also known as the Milk Moon, The Hare Moon and The Corn planting Moon. I did not actually see it, if I am honest with you but it was there somewhere. The Moon is a very powerful entity! It is said that the Moon can affect our moods, as well as the tides. You hear the term Lunar Effect and Moon Madness, by the light of the Moon and of course Moon Magic. Mankind has always been mesmerised by this beautiful satellite, at least I think it is the Earth’s satellite, so much so that we sent men up to the Moon. There was a time when sending men up to the Moon was just a pipe dream, and people did not believe it was at all  possible. It became reality, demonstrating that dreams can and do come true, and that anything is possible. The appearance of a Blue Moon is said to be much more powerful than a normal Full Moon. We can apparently expect good times, good luck, and good karma to come our way with the appearance of a Blue Moon. I guess though, it helps to believe in these things. I for one do believe in these things. I believe in Magic and know we all have it within our power to make Magic in our worlds. We get to create our own realities! It really is up to us!

blue moon

In wolf symbolism we are reminded to trust our hearts and minds, and that we have control over our own lives. Again, something from our natural world teaching us that we can achieve anything, if we focus our attention on the goal, whatever that goal may be. We can learn much from the natural world! If you have a dream or a goal that you want to achieve, focus on it, give it your full attention, believe you can achieve it, act like you already have it, and watch the Magic happen! Just take that first step. Whether that is signing up for a course, a class, an event, applying for a new job, changing direction, writing a book, just take that first step. A dream/goal  begins with an idea, a vision, a seed, and then it is up to us to nurture it, and watch it grow. Every journey begins with a single step! So take that first step today!


I wish everyone a brilliant week! May your dreams come true!

© Liola Lee 2019

All the images here are mine. The Blue Moon was a picture I captured of a Super Moon last year but I changed it’s colour in Photoshop. The Wolf image was captured on a recent trip to Longleat Safari Park, and the image at the top was the two images blended together in Photoshop, something I have been teaching myself to do. I hope you like them.