Be yourself…you are unique

Be like a Giraffe!

We are all trying to find our way in this world, and work things out. For some life seems to run smoothly, while for others the road is rocky, and the path unclear. There are those who have a clear goal in mind, and know exactly how they will go about reaching that goal. Then of course, there are those who seem to drift through life with no clearly defined destination in mind. What we perhaps ought to remember is that we are all unique. Similar, and yet different.

Just look at the Giraffe. From a distance they look alike, and yet no two Giraffes have the same markings. Just like us they are unique. Giraffes symbolise among other things self-acceptance and self-love. They remind us to stand tall, to be proud of you are and to be proud of your uniqueness in this world.

This Giraffe was one of several at a recent visit to Longleat Safari Park. Truly beautiful, graceful creatures! They were as curious about us as we were them! I decided to create a black background for a more dramatic effect and to show off those beautiful markings.

I hope you like the image!

© Liola Lee 2019

Image captured by Liola Photographic








I am going off for a quiet weekend of coupledom to celebrate my 57th birthday, and my 35th wedding anniversary. Just getting this far in life is an achievement when you think of those that do not make it this far for one reason or another. I am truly grateful for the good, the bad and even the ugly as I am here to tell the many tales that have happened along the way!

Life is such a wonderful gift, and sometimes we get lost in troubled times and lose our way now and again. We sometimes forget how much we have to be grateful for and feel sorry for ourselves but the truth is, I am alive, I am healthy and I have it within me to make my dreams come true. So this weekend, I am going to relax and recharge. I am going to step back and reset, and come back rested and ready to move forward with my life which on the whole, in the grand scheme of things is actually pretty good!

Tomorrow we will initially go to Longleat Safari Park so that I can hopefully capture a few images of some beautiful animals. The image shown here is of Kumbuka at London Zoo. I captured this image through glass a few years back, and was pleased with the result. Tomorrow all or most images will be captured through glass as we drive around the park. Whether I will capture anything as good as this remains to be seen but I am excited by the prospect of capturing something beautiful to share.

Kumbuka is a Western Lowland Gorilla. He is the resident Silver Back at London Zoo. His eyes convey so much! He is captive in a world not of his making, not of his choice! I, on the other hand am free, and can choose where I go next! Unlike Kumbuka, I/we are the Gaolers of our own worlds!

© Liola Lee 2019

Image captured by Liola Photographic