Bring on Monday

Tangled up inside my head

lost within where thoughts are fed

overthinking all and sundry

exploding inwards

bring on Monday

© Liola Lee 2019





1I7A0008-1Among other things Daisies are said to symbolise New Beginnings.  Just thought to share this image with you and wish you every success in any new ventures or projects that you may be starting!

Blessed be! 🙂

© Liola Lee 2019

Image captured during the Summer from Daisies growing in my garden

Mr and Mrs Macaw

Mr and Mrs Macaw© LiolaPhotographic 2016

‘What you once thought of as impossible is now possible. Go for it’ ~ Parrot

Image of a pair of Hyacinth Macaws captured on a day trip to London Zoo a few years back. Original background removed and replaced with black and edges softened. This was one of my earlier attempts to change the background.



Blog on!

When you suddenly come to the long overdue conclusion that you have actually  been doing this blogging thing all wrong! Or maybe going about it in the wrong way! Yep, that’s me! 100 % guilty of getting it arse about face as, in totally contrary to what is usual, expected or indeed logical. There is just no rhyme or reason to it, though I suppose there may be some rhyme as I have posted many poems here, and as for reason, well, I am still working on that one. Somehow under the ‘Blog’ heading, I have been placing all and sundry as my posts. Absolutely everything has been lumped together, and unceremoniously put out there for all the world to see, just how truly disorganised I am. Or maybe not all the world (slight exaggeration) but at least a few people here and there.

My Blog (I use the term loosely here), somehow says something about the utter chaos that is my life. I have followed no rules nor have I had any sort of plan on  exactly what I specifically want to achieve. I have merely presented various pieces of writing haphazardly with no due care or attention, and have simply gone full speed ahead and thought ‘damn the torpedoes’. To be totally honest, I just have n’t had a clue, not the foggiest really. I have admired many beautifully crafted Blogs on here but have so  far not managed to really create something truly worthy, at least not in my eyes. I am not talking about the actual ‘writing’ etc that I have put up but the way that I have presented it. Perhaps the eclectic mix of writing is a reflection of the eclectic mix of me.

I have been flitting about from one theme to another, not really knowing what I was aiming for, or maybe knowing a bit but then changing my mind because it just was not working, and not quite what I wanted. Maybe I am overthinking everything! I do have a tendency to do that sometimes, many times. I finally worked out how the ‘categories’ tab works whoopee! Also, a lovely fellow Blogger advised me to reduce the amount of tags I was using, and how to make better use of tagging in order to get more people seeing what I was posting. There are some really great people on here who are always happy to help and guide, which I find truly encouraging. And that’s the thing, I had thought about shutting it all down, and holding my hands up in defeat but I am not yet ready to be beaten by this Blog thing I have entered into. Not just yet! I will keep going. It’s almost a year since I joined, and I have connected with some beautiful souls here in the Blogosphere.

So all I can say is ‘Blog on!’

© Liola Lee 2019



Going home – An Epitaph

I came here just to visit,

On borrowed time some say,

Delivered by the Angels

On a path to find my way.


I danced in my fairy shoes

And sang a serenade

To life, love and happiness

So please don’t be afraid.


The time has come for me to go,

I’m going home to play

With Angels in Paradise

I can no longer stay.


Please don’t be sad for me,

I really am alright,

Just think of me loving you

O My Darliing ….good night.

© Liola Lee 2007

Back in 2007 I was writing a fair bit of poetry, and use to belong to a site called Poetbay which really was quite a lovely platform for sharing poetry and encouraging others on there poetry journey. Sometimes they would set challenges and give you a brief to work to. This  poem came about when the challenge was to write an Epitaph.