The Butterfly Effect…

We go through many changes in life as we find our way. For some of us, it is as simple as going from ‘A’ to ‘B’ for others of us, myself included the path is not so straightforward. We may find ourselves going one way, and then with no warning things happen, and we find we have to change direction. Sometimes it is our choice, and at others it is more because circumstances have changed, and we need to readjust and change our route.  We do not always realise that it is the journey itself that holds the key. We will reach the destination eventually, whichever route we take. I think, and maybe you do too that everything happens for a reason, and sometimes we have to follow a certain route to discover something about ourselves or life. Life unfolds exactly as it is meant to for us as an individual. We do not always see the bigger picture until later but ultimately, everything happens for our own good…I think. The Butterfly is a wonderful and beautiful symbol of transformation. The image shown here is of a Monarch Butterfly. We saw these when we were on holiday in Tucson, Arizona as they were migrating to New Mexico.

© Liola Lee 2018